Brain booster pills – a way to fight violation of cognitive functions!

Cognitive functions is an ability to learn, understand, perceive and process any information. This function of the central nervous system is the highest nervous activity, without which the person’s personality is lost. With a decrease in intellectual functions, they speak of cognitive impairment, a cognitive deficit.

Reduction of cognitive abilities may occur due to neurodegenerative, vascular diseases, neuro-infections, severe craniocerebral trauma. In such cases, doctors prescribe brain booster pills as well as other drugs that contribute to the normal functioning of the brain.

All possible reasons of the cognitive disorders at any human age

Cognitive disorders may be temporary or progressive in the case of vascular or some other heavy diseases.

Vascular diseases are the most widespread reason of cognitive violations. The first place in the development of cognitive problems takes arterial hypertension, then atherosclerotic lesions of the main vessels.

Dysfunctions in hypothyroidism, diabetes, renal and hepatic insufficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, alcohol or drug addiction, antidepressant intake, neuroleptics can also cause the development of brain disorders.

Therefore, if you started noticing some brain anomalies that have appeared, visit your physician. The person can lose the ability to think clearly, remember some life events but clearly remember old ones.

In addition, intellect decreases, character changing isBrain booster pills – a way to fight violation of cognitive functions! possible. A good doctor will identify the problem and prescribe a brain power pill to improve the patient’s condition.

Required examination to find out the reason of cognitive impairment

To determine the appearance of cognitive problems, the baseline level should be examined. There are cases of dementia in the genus, head trauma, alcohol use, episodes of depression, some medications intake.

An analysis of the mental state is carried out according to various tests by neurologist or psychiatrist. They examine patient’s memory, mood, execution of instructions, the imagery of thinking, writing, counting, reading skills.

Also for a patient with the acquired cognitive deficiency, a laboratory examination is necessary: a blood test, a lipidogram, a thyroid-stimulating hormone, vitamin B 12, blood electrolytes, liver tests, creatinine, nitrogen, urea, and blood sugar.

In some cases, a computer and magnetic resonance imaging, dopplerography of the main vessels, electroencephalography may be used.

The main methods of the proper treatment of cognitive dysfunctions

1. To treat dementia doctors prescribe inhibitors like galantamine, memantine, nicergoline etc.
2. Dosages, intake duration and schedules are choosing individually.
3. To ameliorate brain functions, nootropics drugs are used.
4. A diet with low cholesterol requires: vegetables and fruits, sea gifts, diary of low-fat, B vitamins.
5. Avoid drinking too much alcohol and smoking.

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